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Lighting up Neshamot

AZ Kiruv organization


Lehadleek is a Jewish outreach organization that serves Jewish teens primarily of Russian/Soviet descent. It is estimated that more than 500 Bukharian families live in the greater Phoenix area. These American teens, born to immigrants of the former USSR find themselves in a predicament. They are pulled toward the glitz and glamour of the outside secular world while doing their best to hold on to their parents’ old lifestyle and traditions. However, without a true understanding of their family’s heritage, they are quick to let go of the past for the sake of a promising future. Unfortunately, as we have seen in every Jewish community, the tides of assimilation do not discriminate and affect even the most insular and traditional communities. This is where Lehadleek changes the future! 


Our programs provide activities that educate and inspire Jewish youth. Our goal is to “ignite the spark” that lies within and reestablish Jewish pride and knowledge. Through our classes, workshops and mentors, youngsters will find warmth and a safe place to grow. Lehadleek bridges the gap between the old and the new by inspiring children to build on their beautiful heritage without compromising their future. 



We have the opportunity to create future leaders who are role models for the entire Jewish community.  Partner with us and invest in these children. They are counting on us.

Our Mission

Tzitzit Giveaway!

Wednesday, July 13th at 8 pm we had a 🎥 night 😉 with pizza 🍕 and sushi 🍣. We brought shirt tzitzit for whoever needed for free. Boys, come enjoy the Torah the mitzvot (food😉!!!) every Wednesday night at 8 pm.
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In the News

From Ahavas Torah(Scottsdale) News Letter...


Boy's Weekly Learning!

Boy's learning program every Wednesday night at 8pm where we get dinner and a kosher movie!

Helping the Community.

Reinforcing Our Commitment.

One Step at a Time.

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